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Photographic Memories is an anthology of essays, playlets, and short fiction by writer and photographer Willy Conley. The pieces in this collection are grounded in Deaf experiences, a hallmark of Conley’s work. Written from the unique perspective of a Deaf artist who navigates between the Deaf and hearing worlds, Conley depicts a variety of topics, settings, and characters: a day in the life of a traveling Deaf theatre company, a nail salon, a baseball player trying to go pro. Conley also addresses critical issues at the heart of his Deaf identity, such as creating professional opportunities for Deaf theater artists, the need for better standards in sign language interpreting, and ableism.

       Original photographs taken by the author accompany his writings and invite the reader to contemplate the often-blurred lines between reality and memory.

Photographic Memories

  • Gallaudet University Press

    ISBN 978-1-954622-13-5
    206 pages. 6 x 9

  • Shipping is free within the U.S.

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