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I have taught workshops in the following areas below. Please contact me if interested in hiring me for any of them. Being Deaf, I use a bilingual approach: ASL and English

  • Visual-Gestural Communication 

  • Creative Writing (playwriting, fiction, and poetry)

  • Fundamentals of Acting

  • Sign Language Translation for the Stage

Acting Coach

Working with cast of "Vignettes of the Deaf Character."

Deaf Theatre Conference

Playwriting workshop

Workshop Promo Photo

...from a playwriting workshop given during a National & Worldwide Deaf Theatre Conference.

TSD Wkshp
Signrise Playwriting Workshops
Lights On Workshop ad

Taught a workshop, "Introduction to 'Building' Plays; sponsored by Lights On! Deaf Theatre Company.

Photo from New York Times

Giving feedback to actors in "Goya: en la Quinta del Sordo.

Accessibility Pamphlet Cover

Leading a theatre workshop at CenterStage in Baltimore.

Workshop Coordinator

Developed and coordinated the Visual Playwrights Retreat (w/ Quest: Arts for Everyone), during the summers of 2002, 2003, & 2004.

Workshop Photo

Working as a DASL (Director, Artistic ASL) with ASL interpreters in prep for a show.

Visual-Gestural Communication Workshop


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