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“Photographic Memories” Out and Strolling About!

Gallaudet University Press did a beautiful job putting together my latest book, “Photographic Memories,” a collection of my essays, playlets, and short fiction along with 27 black-and-white photos. One of the book blurbs stated that “the pieces…are grounded in Deaf experiences, a hallmark of Conley’s work…written from the unique perspective of a Deaf artist who navigates between the Deaf and hearing worlds….”

Come see a pair of Deaf friends take over a karaoke bar and turn it on its ear. Find out what a deaf minor league baseball player learned what it takes to make it into the big leagues. Go back in time during the late 1980s and tour on a bus to experience a day in the life of actors with the National Theatre of the Deaf. Get a glimpse of what may happen to deaf people a thousand years into the future. Find out what an elderly hard-of-hearing man is up to on a porch with rocking chairs at an abandoned hotel by the sea.

Order yourself a copy of this book and take a walk down some memory lanes with me. Copies may be ordered from Amazon at and from G.U. Press:

Hit the above photo to view a short book promo clip. If that doesn't work, click this link:

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