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Hangin' on Grub Street

This lit mag published three color photos of mine that are part of an ongoing series I’ve been working on that is an ode to Mom-and-Pop motels. It was nice to visit one of my grad school alma maters (Towson University) via this attractive journal, which was named after a gritty street from 1700s London. According to its 72-year history, the actual Grub Street was the home of butchers and foreign manual laborers as well as writers of “small histories, dictionaries, and temporary poems, whence any mean production is called ‘grubstreet’. Hard living, hard drinking, half starving, Grub Streeters turned out biographies before the corpse was cold, poems during the event they were watching, ghost-written speeches and sermons to order, and satires to deadline. First draft was final copy. They walked with pistols or swords to defend themselves from creditors and angry satiric targets.” Seems like they would be the types to stay in motels like the ones I shot below, if they were around at the time. These photos can be found on pages 21, 37, and 68 of volume 73.

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